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Nasya Panchakarma 7N - MTS/AY/11

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Nasya Panchakarma 7N


Nasya Panchakarma is also one of the five procedures of Panchakarma. In this Panchakarma procedure, medicated oil is administered through nose, which cleanses accumulated 'Kapha' toxins from the head and neck region.

Nasya Panchakarma helps in improvement in memory and eye-sight, elimination of excess Mucus, Hyper pigmentation in the face, Headaches of various origin, Hemiplegia. It is also very beneficial for various health conditions like Trigeminal Neuralgia, Bel's Palsy, Insomnia, Loss of smell and taste, Frozen Shoulder, Migraine, Stiffness of the neck, Nasal Allergies, Nasal Polyp, Neurological dysfunctions, Paraplegiar, Sinusitis and many more.

The Nasya Panchakarma Package for 7 Nights is being offered at one of the best Ayurveda Resorts of India. Authentic Ayurvedic treatments, therapies alongwith high-quality of service has won the resort many prestigious awards over the years.

Inclusions in the package
- Consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor
- Accommodation for  Seven nights
- All major Meals 
- 8 sessions of Abhyanga & Sweda
- 8 sessions of Nasya
- 1 session of Laghu Abhyanga
- Any 2  sessions of Basti
- Any 2 Beauty Therapies
- 7 sessions of Yoga

Nasya Panchakarma Package for 7 Nights for a better you !


This package pricing starts from :$US 999  per person on twin sharing basis

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Location City- Mysore

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