/Shilpgram Fair Udaipur Rajasthan

Shilpgram Fair Udaipur Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for its art and handicraft. Shilpgram Fair is held annually at Udaipur to promote the art and craft of Rajasthan. It is an attempt to give recognition to the rural arts and culture. Shilpgram literally means a “Village of Craftsmen”. The wonderful terracotta work, hand woven clothes and camel leather items are the main attraction of this faiir.

The Shilpgram Fair is held near Havala village, approx. 3kms west of Udaipur at the Shilpgram – the Rural Arts and Crafts complex. The festival is hoisted in 26 huts near the natural surroundings of Aravali Hills. It is a great destination for art lovers to find excellent pieces of handicrafts, embroideries and hand-woven clothes. Leather made items are also very famous.

Various pictures decorating the stalls show a glimpse of Rajasthani culture and lifestyle while also depicting the life of these artisans. You can enjoy melodious folk songs and dance while exploring handicrafts. You will certainly love the rural arts and culture of Rajasthan.

You can even learn some of the basic art work by joining various workshops held at the Craft fair. The main purpose of conducting these workshops is to spread Rajasthani art by teaching people who come to attend the festival from various places in India and other countries. The festival also encourages artists from other places to come and showcase their talents. It’s a great opportunity to explore ethnic India.

Do not miss the opportunity of exploring the best of Rajasthan at the Shilpgram Fair.