/Runn Utsav or Runn Mahotsav : Rajasthan Festival

Runn Utsav or Runn Mahotsav : Rajasthan Festival

The Runn Mahotsav, often referred as Runn Utsav, is organized by Gujarat government across the Kutch. This festival showcases tradition art forms and distinctive culture of Gujarat. It is the best time to experience exotic beauty, colorful culture and unique life style of Kutch. On full moon nights of Runn Mahotsav the white salty desert glitters like sliver and people stay up all the night at the beat of folk music and dance forms.

Experience living in a tent; go for camel safaris, purchase handicraft items, participate in cultural activities and watch striking sunset. There are lots of things to do. Don’t forget to visit Kutch Mandvi, a beautiful beach with white sand, famous for peace and tranquility

Kutch becomes tent city during The Runn Mahotsav. These tents are well placed and beautifully designed with all basic amenities. Some of the tents come with air condition facilities. Thousands of overseas tourists come every year to take part in The Runn Mahotsav.

It’s a great cultural festival of art and beauty which leaves a visitor spell bond.

Runn Mahotsav will be celebrated from 1st November 2017 till 20th February 2018. For bookings, please mail us at contact@mytravelshanti.com.

Enjoy The Great Runn Utsav! Have a great Time!