1. How/what do I gain by visiting www.mytravelshanti.com?

If you are a traveller:
Mytravelshanti offers a host of information to the first time and repeat traveller. At one end, you are brought up to date information on the latest events and upcoming locations for travel towards Rejuvenation, Health and Peace; on the other hand, the best offers from quality properties are made available to you. So, as a traveller, you gain the correct information about the destination and are able to avail the best offers. You can book best Ayurveda packages and India leisure holiday tours and can get a holiday package customized as per your requirement/budget/time.

If you are a Resort owner:
It is said in the business world that “The most informed wins”. Mytravelshanti showcases the best properties and offers for the traveller seeking rejuvenation/health/peace. Any resort owner can know and learn about the top-end competition and facilities that are drawing the consumers. One can use the updated information on Mytravelshanti for improving one’s own product, services and prices. Also, you can use this platform to advertise about the USPs of your property.

If you are an agent:
In this highly dynamic business environment, ‘Collaboration’ and ‘Networking’ are the two most powerful words in the travelling business. As an agent, you not only want to know about all that is happening in your focus location, but also want to make decent money selling high quality packages from renowned parties to your customers. Mytravelshanti ensures that you get the best deal from verified sources to the delight of your customers. Of-course, the money is good as well.

If you are a supplier of relevant products:
Understanding the need gaps in the travel market, Mytravelshanti takes all necessary care to make the users of mytravelshanti services comfortable during all stages of their travel. We are committed to offer the best selection of travel gear, personal care and wellness products to our consumers, that too, at competitive prices. If you are a supplier of relevant products, mytravelshanti shall showcase your products in the “Shoppe” section at no advertising cost. We need your commitment of quality, service and best prices to be able to do that.

2. What is the extent of savings I make by booking my travel and package on mytravelshanti?
To our delight, some of the best properties have come forward to specially design the relevant packages for our travellers seeking rejuvenation, health and peace. We have ensured that these specially designed packages are of high quality and available at best prices, hence, ensuring delivery of best value to our consumers. On an ‘apple to apple’ comparison, you shall easily be able to see decent savings for yourself with the additional benefit of hassle-free travel and stay.

3. Would the property that I am visiting through mytravelshanti not give me better rates if I went directly to them?
The properties working with us have committed that the packages being offered by mytravelshanti would be the best bargain in that respective genre. Though the packages are unique in terms of the components, we make significant effort to ensure that you get the best price from us.

4. What are the extra benefits?
Being a business focussed on travel towards Rejuvenation, Health and Peace, we are able to offer you customized packages at best value. Ours is a quality business and not focussed on quantity. This ensures that each package is aimed at bringing you “Our customer” delight and satisfaction. We believe that is the best benefit that we deliver.

5. Can I request for a totally customised package in terms of time and activities for a certain location?
Yes, most certainly. Please fill up the pop-up form to let us know your unique requirements, send us a mail at contact@travelshanti.com or simply call at +91-99-102-33433 and we shall revert at the soonest.

5.a Can the customization be for children and adults simultaneously?
In most cases, yes. Sometimes, the property ‘the adult’ may want is not the most suited for children. We shall indeed communicate the same to you, if that be the case, and ensure that a more appropriate package can be found.

5.b.What is the time required (notice period) for you to create a customized package?
Please give us 1 to 2 working days for the most suited package to be designed. By most suited package, we mean the perfect combination of meeting your objective at the best available price ensuring delight and satisfaction for you.

6. What is the guarantee of quality for products sold on Mytravelshanti?
We source the products from the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Almost all the products are from renowned brands with a clear trail of quality and customer service.

7. How is Mytravelshanti better/different than any other Tour operator out there?
At Mytravelshanti, the packages being offered by various properties are the best bargain in that respective genre. Some of the best properties have designed the relevant packages for our travellers seeking rejuvenation, health and peace. We have ensured that these specially designed packages are of high quality and available at best prices, hence, ensuring delivery of best value to our consumers. In most cases, the team at Mytravelshanti would have themselves visited the properties being referred and in others we go by recommendations from very reliable sources. This is a huge value-add which not many Tour operators can not provide.

8. Why Mytravelshanti?
Mytravelshanti is a business focused on travel towards Rejuvenation, Health and Peace. We offer you customized packages at best value. Ours is a quality business and not focused on quantity, ensuring that each package is aimed at bringing delight and satisfaction to our customers.

9. Do I visit www.mytravelshanti.com only when I need to travel or when I travel through you?
Mytravelshanti offers you a journey through various terrains for rejuvenation, health and peace even when you are not travelling. While a travel requirement can be the most immediate trigger to visit Mytravelshanti, there are other interesting sections on the site which you will find engaging and informative; namely, Destinations, Blogs, Fairs & festivals, Holidays.

10. Does Mytravelshanti cater to Corporate requirements?
Yes indeed. You will be pleased to know that we have on-board a team working with Corporate Trainers and HR heads of various organisations. The fact that almost the entire team of Mytravelshanti comes from senior level assignments in Corporates, helps us appreciate the specific requirements of travel there. Give us an opportunity and we shall ensure a high quality service to your satisfaction.

11. The packages with Mytravelshanti seem to be for upper end properties only?
We are constantly striving to ensure your hassle-free travel towards Rejuvenation, Health and Peace. Our concern does not end by simply making available to you a package and we want to ensure a great experience for you. This necessitates that properties known for their customer orientation and high level service content are engaged. This may be giving you the feeling that we are selective towards properties. May we recommend that you try a package with us and then based on the value delivered to you, write to us. Apart from the packages on the site, we offer customized packages as per client requirement and offer best available properties in their budget.

12. Is the information on ‘Destinations’ correct?
We take utmost care to cross check information being provided to you. To the best of our knowledge, all the information is correct.

13. Any loyalty advantages?
We are currently in the process of learning about the various ways through which your continued patronage is ensured. In some time, we will be informing you about our program.

14. Can I book on Mytravelshanti if I am not an Indian?
All our packages can be availed by people of any country. Once we hear from you about your interest in a particular package, we would customize package as per your requirement.

15. Can I speak to someone in customer support and at what time?
Most of the packages handled by Mytravelshanti are customized and for each package there is a package co-ordinator assigned. Based on your request on Travel Planner, the contact details of the right person shall be given to you. However, you can reach us at +91-99-102-33433 from 10am to 11pm IST 365 days a year.

16. What are the different modes of payment you accept?
We accept payment through cheque and bank transfers. We also accept payment through Western Union money transfer.

17. What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellation policy for each package is very clearly mentioned in the Terms & Conditions. However, mytravelshanti.com and/or ICE Digitals Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to make any changes in the cancellation policy at any point.

18. In the event of cancellation what are the provision of refund?

The refund is processed immediately after deducting cancellation charges and depending upon the processing time, you can expect the amount back in 7 working days.

19. Do you provide Guides?
Based on your specific requirement, Mytravelshanti shall find you the right guide. It is to ensure your safety that only the recommended and approved guides be taken.

20. In case the services provided by you are not found up to the mark, is there any penalty clause?
Mytravelshanti package co-ordinator will be your key point of contact during your visit. If you have any problem at all with the services or the surrounds, please let us know at that point itself, so that we can solve the problem instantly. If you inform us the problems after your visit, we would not be able to help. As the payments go to the properties, any penalty clauses that they are willing to take shall apply. If you are not happy with Mytravelshanti services, at any stage, please write to contact@travelshanti.com or call +91-99-102-33433.