/Bundi Utsav : Rajasthan Festival

Bundi Utsav : Rajasthan Festival

Bundi Utsav is one of the most popular festivals of Rajasthan. As is relevant from the name, the festival is celebrated in Bundi, a little captivating and picturesque town in south-east Rajasthan. Bundi Utsav is a 3 day festival, held annually in November.

Shobha yatra marks the beginning of Bundi UtsavĀ festival. It is a colorful procession attended by people dressed in their traditional attire. Major attractions of Bundi Utsav are cultural exhibitions, Folk & classical music and dance programs, arts & crafts fair, lighting of Diyas, turban competition, and many more competitions to keep the visitors involved. You may also enjoy a show of sparkling fireworks.

As per a ritual, to seek blessings from Gods, morning after full moon night, women prepare diyas with flour dough and light them on the banks of the river. The women dress up in traditional color clothes which leave one mesmerized.

Bundi sees many tourists during the Bundi Utsav, which is otherwise a very calm place with only a limited number of people visiting the place. During Utsav, even the nearby town Keshorai Patan looks like a pilgrimage site and end number of people visit this place on full moon night. If you are visiting India during November, do try to attend the beautiful festival of India.